These prices may vary depending on the type of Mount you are requesting. The prices stated here are a general idea of a simple mount.

Muskrats- $200

Coyotes- $400

Raccoon- $275

Bobcat- $350

Squirrel- $175

Opposum- $200

Skunk- $200

Beaver- $300

Ermine- $175

Otter- $300

Fisher- $250

Mink- $175

Red/gray fox- $350

Badger- $300

Rabbit- $175

Deer- $325

Fish- $12 an inch

Bear- $550 Rug- $180 foot

Elk- $600

Small mammal  "pedestal" mount-$225,  EXP-Coyote , Bobcat, Raccoon


If you would like a quote on a animal you didn't see on this list call or email us and we will write a quote up.

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